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Shop Ready-To-Ship Ears!

Mousterpiece Ears is known for our custom ears and we love making them for you, but sometimes we love letting our creativity run wild and make them without an order. That’s where you come in – you can buy from our ready made stock and save money! These ears range from $38 to $65 and can be in your mailbox within a week of ordering (if the mail gods are smiling on us). Custom ears begin at $50 and will take, on average, one to two weeks to create and ship. So take a peek at these beauties and let us know which ones you absolutely cannot live without. Happy Shopping!!

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Why Mousterpiece Ears Are Masterpieces

Mousterpiece Ears creates products that you won’t see anywhere else. Our attention to detail, use of high quality materials and innovative designs make these the ears you’ll wear and stop traffic with. Each pair is hand crafted one pair at a time….no mass production here. If you like a pair of ears that you see on the site, but want a slight change, we’re happy to personalize them. We strive to make your Mousterpiece Ears an artistic masterpiece at every step along the way.

Featured Ears

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